Get involved

Worship Leader Community Nights

A safe space created for worship leaders to gather in worship, connect with other leaders, and to find support through the sharing of experiences and encouragement.  Our next Community gathering is on Monday, Sept. 18th 2023 – 7:00pm at Church in Toronto!

Worship Leader Retreat

Our retreat is focused on bringing worship leaders back to the heart of worship.  Up to 30 worship leaders from across Ontario and beyond will have an opportunity to connect, grow and recharge together. Our next retreat is this Fall from Oct 26-28, 2023 at Muskoka Woods, ON with guest Wade Joye.

Wonder Conference

Wonder is a one-day conference hosted bi-annually for pastors, worship leaders, songwriters, musicians, creatives and tech teams. It is a space for those serving in worship ministry to grow in their craft and develop a deeper theological and practical understanding of their role as a worshipper. Wonder Conference is happening again on July 22 2023!