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Thy Kingdom Come : Racial Unity & Diversity in Worship


Over the past year, across the globe, we have heard desperate cries lifted up for racial reconciliation and unity like never before. The Church, in so many ways, is being called upon to not only lead the charge but to examine it’s own heart and  role in all of this. More than ever, we must examine the  intentional steps needed to create an atmosphere & culture that welcomes in the diversity of the Kingdom. In this interactive session we explore how we can reflect the heart of God in this matter. 

MIXing for online service


In a post-COVID world, online Church services are here to stay. Mixing for online worship can feel complicated and foreign compared to a live experience, so what can we do to improve and polish our online mixes? Steve will open some of his online mix sessions and show you his template and explore some tips, techniques and best practices for mixing online worship.

the art of the journey


As worship leaders, we are given the incredible responsibility of leading our churches to an encounter with the Living God each week. We meet our increasingly diverse congregations where they are when they come in/online and journey with them through song, scripture, prayer and exhortation. Join the discussion on how to craft meaningful and engaging worship sets that take your church beyond just singing songs, to creating space for God to do what only He can do.

Social Media and Online Strategies TO Build Your Church without Burning You Out!


The Digital Age and Pandemic have radically changed how we reach and serve our people. You need strategies that work with the limited time and budget you have. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Clubhouse, Twitter, websites, DMs, emails… What should we focus on with so many options? How do we do this while also not increasing our own digital addictions and screen burnout?  How can we keep up with all the digital trends? How can we use online tools to effectively reach and teach the community we serve?

Skill and Character:
The Heart and Hands of a Great Worship Team Member


What’s more important – a worship team member’s skill or their character? Should we let people with good hearts join the team? How high should we raise the talent bar? All of these questions assume an either/or mindset rather than the biblical description of an effectives leader as someone with both the required skill AND character. We’ll explore what this means for you and for your worship team.

THE Balance of hope and lament


It’s been a tough year for all of us, and many people have been caught between the grief of this season and the hope we have as followers of Jesus. How do lament and hope go hand in hand and infuse our response to God with more honesty, depth, and passion? Join Dave and explore the theological foundations for worshipping with hope and lament, and get equipped with practical ideas for including lament and hopeful praise in your worship gatherings and personal practices.


*Times are in Eastern Standard Time

Leading Authentically in a Digital Space


We know a lot of people are tired or finding it hard because it seems somewhat unnatural. Yet at the same time, we have this technology that allows us as the church to continue leading and reaching beyond what we’ve ever seen before. How do we work within this tension? What does it look like to worship, lead, and serve authentically in this new space?

To Be or Not to Be?… That is the question!


Have you ever felt pressured to act like and dress like your favourite worship leader? This session is for you! We’ll shine the spotlight on some of the worship culture trends we may be falling victim to and explore how we can return to a pure biblical model of what Christ intended for us. 



This past year has caused the church to pivot in ways that we’ve not had to previously consider. Populating the online space as the main source of our church gatherings has caused stress for many, yet has unleashed a new way to be creative and engaging for many others. Let’s have a conversation around creating quality pre-recorded online services, as well as making sure we don’t miss this opportunity for continued online impact when we return to live services.



The past year has not been easy for all of us. More people have become aware of the importance of their mental health and the need to take better care of themselves. So what is mental health? How do we maintain good mental health?  How do we have balance in life and how do we take care of ourselves so that we are mentally healthy? Join us as we look at some practical tools for self care and becoming more mentally health as we serve in ministry.  

Born to be Bold (Yes, YOU!)


You are bold- chosen by name, divinely woven together with the ability to be the source of change to this world through the gift of your unmatchable story, your bravery to overcome and the resilience that has made you the woman who you are today. Your light is multi-faceted and potential uncontainable. But what are the things that hold you back from completely embracing that He also created you with a purpose. That your voice matters. And that your story does hold the key to point others to Jesus. Join me as we discover the key to being empowered to walk in boldness, completely embracing the woman God has created you to be!



“Our youth don’t sing along. I have only three kids in our youth band! They’re too young and immature to lead worship. My youth band never practices and is always late! All our young adults leave for college.” I hear you! Join me as we learn practical ways of how to include, involve, and empower Children, Youth, and Young Adults through musical and artistic worship ministries. We’ll discuss how to prepare unexperienced musicians to be successful in their first set and how to keep young people engaged, involved, and feel belonging in the church long term.